Secure Payment

Helistore secured payment options :

  1. Bank transfer : once your order finalized, you can use a wire transfer to pay for it. Transfer the amount in Euro to the Helistore bank account stated on your confirmation e-mail. Don't forget to quote the order number. Helistore will deal with your order as soon as the payment will be received.
  2. PAYPAL payment : choose the online secured payment leader : so simple, reliable and secure. Use your Paypal account with your e-mail address and your password. Helistore adds extra charge if you select this payment method.
  3. Credit Card : select "Pay with your PayPal account" option (even if you don't have PayPal account), then select "new account" and choose your bank card.

Helistore online payment options are secured by SSL/TLS wich ensures secure communication between your browser and Helistore. SSL/TLS cryptographic protocol encrypts all data flowing during communication across the network.